Confidence: So easy to lose & hard to gain

Taking a small break from talking about beauty products to share something that has been heavy on my heart for months now. Confidence. What is is about that word that can either make someone roll their eyes, cower in the corner or stand proudly? Why is the one thing that keeps people pushing forward, so hard to gain in yourself and yet so easy to lose with 1 comment? 

My business motto has always been “Live life with confidence in your own skin”. What does that even mean? To me, it means when you leave my care, I want you to feel like a superstar. Empowered to take on the world, finally seeing the beauty within you and know that you don’t need to surgically alter yourself to feel beautiful. Makeup has always been something easy to throw on and change your outlook. Did you know that a facial or a good brow wax could do the same thing? 

So, where do I stand on this issue? You must be thinking, she owns her own start up business, is married and happy, she must be confident in her work & life. NOPE! I too struggle with lack of self confidence and anxiety. The combination is at times crippling to the point of canceling all plans, because I just can’t get out of bed. However, I do know that I am good at what I do. Even though I’m not perfect and have room for improvement (who doesn’t?) I know that my skills and talents have gotten me this far. Although, let me tell you a story. While still in school for makeup artistry, I quickly remembered that I am not an artist. I can’t draw to save my life, I’m not creative if I’m not in the mood & without much guidance I didn’t feel like I was improving in my makeup artistry. Cut to working on my first professional photo shoot. I show up on time to the studio and I’m about to knock on the door when I hear the voices of the client and photographer. I stopped myself from knocking because I heard the client say, “Well, I brought my own makeup so I can do my own if it doesn’t look good”. Wow. Talk about a double punch to the heart & gut. I was already nervous and then I have to walk in and introduce myself after that statement? I almost turned and walked away. Instead I took a deep breath, told myself “it’s a paying job, remember what your instructor said about how people treat makeup artists” and knocked on the door. I waited my turn to work on her since the stylist went first to do her hair & when it was my turn, it was a race against the clock. I finished her look, she looked beautiful and they went on their way to shoot outdoors. When I was alone in the studio to pack up my products, I almost started crying because while I knew she looked great, did she? Was she going to “fix” what I did when they left my presence? I called my husband on the way home and told him I felt like a failure. He told me not to worry about it, reminded me of my talent & told me to come home so we could go on a date. 

Cut to this past weekend event with the cosmetics brand I freelance for. I worked on so many beautiful women that bashed themselves in my chair! I can’t tell you how many times I threatened to slap the back of their heads (Gibbs style) if they continued the negative self talk. I threw together a quick and easy day time look for each of them that made their eyes pop and skin flawless. The look on their faces was priceless, one of the gorgeous ladies almost started to cry.

That is what living life with confidence in your own skin means. It means accepting who you are (flaws and all) but learning to accentuate your best features. Once you do that you start smiling more, stand straighter, people take notice and before you know it, you are taking over the world and empowering others to be confident like you. 

So get out there and show the world your confident self! Remember this as you go, it’s ok to lose your confidence once in a while but.... surround yourself with people that want to build it back up. That’s the difference between staying negative and building your empire.


Packing for your vacation skincare/makeup routine: Humid weather

As someone who’s is just returning from vacation, I can tell you that it’s very important to condense your normal beauty routine. Not just because you can’t fit everything in your luggage, but because your skin requires a break from the normal routine also. Different climates require different skin/Makeup needs similar to the change in seasons. So let’s discuss your essentials for humid weather (as most of summer weather vacations are usually at the beach). I will add my personal favorites and recommendations at the end.

Sunscreen is an obvious must have but are you packing the right kind? When searching for the right sunblock you need to make sure it says UVA/UVB broad spectrum to ensure you are fully protected. Also, you don’t need SPF 100 to stay safe. In fact, many  professionals will tell you that anything higher than 30 is not only unnecessary but also not accurate.

Cleansers, moisturizers & serums: when figuring out what to pack, first you need to ask yourself does your skin need extra moisture? Or am I going to a humid climate that only requires light moisture? If you answer is light, a gentle cleanser & basic moisturizer will work (in lieu of your day & night cream).  Also, don’t forget your eye cream as we can sometimes need a little extra help with our bags while traveling😉. As far as serums are concerned, ditch the AHA’s and retinols as your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight. Instead opt for a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum instead to assist with moisture and putting nutrients back into your skin.

Makeup bag: Obviously when traveling you want to look your best, take tons of pictures but don’t want to waste fund time with a long beauty routine. So here are my tips for the perfect makeup travel bag for humid climates. Primer is still a must! Especially if you are oily, reach for a pore filler and/or silicone based primer to keep your makeup from sliding in the hot sun. A CC cream instead of foundation serves 2 functions; 1. It’s a buildable coverage foundation product that will blur imperfections and 2. Will hydrate the skin while not being too heavy (even with moisturizer). Always set your CC cream with a powder to ensure a matte finish and it will prolong the wear of the CC cream as well. You can use a loose powder foundation with a stipple brush or a pressed powder with a powder brush (your choice, I prefer loose powder foundation with a stipple brush). To finish the skin, pick your favorite blush and lightly bronze the face by adding a simple contour and add a lit from within highlight. Groom those brows with a tinted brow builder gel, add your favorite mascara & a long wearing lip gloss and your good to go!

Your vacation beauty regime doesn’t have to be a complicated one to keep you feeling beautiful without a full glam/skincare routine. Proper skincare & a basic (but beautiful) 5 minute face makeup look is the perfect way lighten your suitcase.


Personal product favorites & recommendations:


Daytime: Skin Scripts Raspberry cleanser, Ageless Hydrating serum, Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum, Sheer Protection SPF 30

Nighttime: Skin Scripts Raspberry cleanser, Tri-Peptide eye cream, Ageless Skin moisturizer


Face: Mary Kay Primer, Dermalogica blurring primer on cheeks (over MK), Mary Kay CC Cream, Mary Kay Mineral Loose Foundation powder, Benefit Hula bronzer, NARS cheek palette for blush/highlight

Eyes: IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara

Brows: Maybelline tinted brow gel

Lips: L’Oreal Infallible 8 hour Pro Gloss

What’s New

So, what’s new in the land of esthetics & makeup artistry with me? Well, I have added services such as brow/lash tinting, customized facials & back treatments PLUS I now have full time hours available. The biggest change aside from my hours is that we have moved locations! The Roxanne Daniel family has moved to the other side of the duplex and I now have a completely quiet, private & temperature controlled space to offer clients a more comfortable experience. Be sure to book your appointment to see the new space & experience the new services!

Red Lips

Red lipstick. Who loves it? Who’s scared of it? And who wants to wear it but doesn’t know what shade to wear?

Red is such a power color for sure but red lipstick seems to take it to another level. Last night at a networking event I was told I should have worn a red lipstick to match my red nails by a man I had never met. However, when asking female colleagues at my 9-5, I was told to wear the more subtle Lolita shade from Kat Von D (mauve/pink).

I always love a good red lip but I’m always afraid of coming off too strong. I mean, I have dark hair & dark eyes along with a strong personality. How much more drama do I really need to put into my look? 

What do you think? Are red lips too bold? Or only meant for certain women?


Beware of False Advertising

OMG you guys! I just found the best product & it has been a complete and total game changer! You have to try it! It’s ____________. 

Have you heard this before? I’m sure you have numerous times, we all have. Sometimes products are absolutely amazing for us & sometimes... well, not so much. I’m here to talk about the not so much times. Better known as false advertising. Now, let me preface this conversation with the following disclaimer: Everyone’s experiences are different. People have different skin, hormone issues, sensitivities, etc which can cause everyone (even in the same family) to have a different experience with a product.  

That being said, this is a conversation about consumer safety & education. It has come to my attention that there are wait for it.... false advertisers out there. *Que the gasps* I know, it’s horrible but it’s true. So, how can you tell that your consultant, stylist, doctor, esthetician, makeup artist, whoever is telling you the truth? Do your research! At some point it falls on the consumer to actually research what it is that they are purchasing & putting in/on their body. If you look at the photo shown in this blog, you will see a very sad example. This was posted in one of my many pro facebook groups from someone that had just given this woman a professional spray tan. However, the direct sales group that she represents came out with a sunless tanner & she decided it was a great idea to mis-represent herself, the tan artist & the direct sales company by lying to potential/current customers of hers. This is just one prime example of what can happen when you don’t research. 

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a post to bash direct sales companies, I love that women/men are able to pursue a non-traditional career path to pursue their dreams via direct sales. However, I am completely against false advertising for the sake of sales! If I use a diet supplement but represent Weight Watchers or a similar brand, that’s false advertising. Just like if you use Joico hair products but say you’re in love with Monet and your hair has never looked better. 

My point is, do some research. Ask questions. Find out what that person is actually using and if they truly love the product or just the money that comes in from the product. I can tell you for a fact that I am not one to represent a brand that I do not love. If I do not agree with the practices, have seen results or use it in any way, I 100% will not recommend/represent that brand. I hope this helps when looking into products. If you want further information or advise, comment below or reach out to me directly for more information. 



Starting over

Has anyone else ever felt like they are constantly starting their life over? Maybe not in a major way but even the smallest decision can make you feel like you’re completely starting a new.  

I definitely feel that way almost every time I make a decision in my business. From large decisions on where to booth rent/have my own place to marketing ideas. Slowly I am learning that starting over again isn’t always a negative. I mean, isn’t that what we do when we get a drastic hair cut or finally go get our brows done? 

Its time that we take a negative and turn it into a positive outlook. What makes you feel like you’re starting over? Can you turn that negative feeling into a positive? 



“Live life with confidence in your own skin”. Those are powerful words & have a very deep meaning for me which is why that is my business motto. To me, confidence in your own skin means knowing you are perfectly imperfect. Embracing your flaws & your perfections, knowing that it’s ok to have off days and when you are having a good day, walk like a diva. It means that you can be however you were made but make temporary changes to your appearance as in a rocking outfit, full glam makeup, lash extensions, hair extensions, etc. It means that you don’t need to change your full appearance to look like someone else just to feel confident about yourself.  

Growing up I did not have many celebrity role models to admire that looked like me. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I discovered true confidence in myself. I still struggle as an adult to be confident at all times but who doesn’t. We all have our issues, but my goal as an esthetician & makeup artist is to be sure that you leave my care feeling better than when you walked in. Self care is more important to our daily lives than most people realize. 

So my wish and goal for you, is that you live life with confidence in your own skin.



Hello Beautiful!

It’s a beautiful fall day this Tuesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As I sit outside during my break from my 9-5 job I can’t help but be inspired by the trees around the building changing colors.

I would like to take this opportunity to write my first blog post by introducing myself & my purpose. Sure, you may have already read by bio but this is different. This is where I will share my heart, my purpose & my drive. The beauty industry can be a very ugly place to be involved in, hello we are talking about vanity after all. However, as a 30 something Latina living in Tulsa, Oklahoma I can tell you one thing. The beauty industry can also bring about so much change in your life.   

My purpose in business is not just “I want to be my own boss” or “I want financial freedom”. I’m a start up, that comes way later. No, my purpose is to show women they are beautiful, thy are worth it as they are & they do deserve respect. Everyone has a beautiful side to them, no matter what society or the fashion magazines say. You don’t need to physically alter yourself to look like someone else. That’s not why you were created. I want to help those with problem skin conceal their issues until the skin clears, I want to teach young girls that they are perfect as they are & I want to show the mature woman that they are still just as hot as their younger selves. 

Vanity isn’t always a negative & self confidence should not be looked at as snobbery. Self confidence can be the difference in nailing an interview versus not getting out of bed.

Have faith in yourself & ask questions. I’m here to help guide you to the best of my abilities. I’m here to help the outside beauty so your inside beauty shines through. My name is Melinda. I am a licensed Esthetician & soon to be licensed makeup artist & I am so happy to have you here. 🖤💋