Beware of False Advertising

OMG you guys! I just found the best product & it has been a complete and total game changer! You have to try it! It’s ____________. 

Have you heard this before? I’m sure you have numerous times, we all have. Sometimes products are absolutely amazing for us & sometimes... well, not so much. I’m here to talk about the not so much times. Better known as false advertising. Now, let me preface this conversation with the following disclaimer: Everyone’s experiences are different. People have different skin, hormone issues, sensitivities, etc which can cause everyone (even in the same family) to have a different experience with a product.  

That being said, this is a conversation about consumer safety & education. It has come to my attention that there are wait for it.... false advertisers out there. *Que the gasps* I know, it’s horrible but it’s true. So, how can you tell that your consultant, stylist, doctor, esthetician, makeup artist, whoever is telling you the truth? Do your research! At some point it falls on the consumer to actually research what it is that they are purchasing & putting in/on their body. If you look at the photo shown in this blog, you will see a very sad example. This was posted in one of my many pro facebook groups from someone that had just given this woman a professional spray tan. However, the direct sales group that she represents came out with a sunless tanner & she decided it was a great idea to mis-represent herself, the tan artist & the direct sales company by lying to potential/current customers of hers. This is just one prime example of what can happen when you don’t research. 

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a post to bash direct sales companies, I love that women/men are able to pursue a non-traditional career path to pursue their dreams via direct sales. However, I am completely against false advertising for the sake of sales! If I use a diet supplement but represent Weight Watchers or a similar brand, that’s false advertising. Just like if you use Joico hair products but say you’re in love with Monet and your hair has never looked better. 

My point is, do some research. Ask questions. Find out what that person is actually using and if they truly love the product or just the money that comes in from the product. I can tell you for a fact that I am not one to represent a brand that I do not love. If I do not agree with the practices, have seen results or use it in any way, I 100% will not recommend/represent that brand. I hope this helps when looking into products. If you want further information or advise, comment below or reach out to me directly for more information.